Rain On My Parade

Authors Note: I just want to say that my entries will bounce from the past to the present. I didn’t start this blog until well after the betrayal so my thoughts go from what happened in the past to the never ending bullshizz of the present. This entry is about the present.

Leave to my waytard husband to muck up a perfectly good time. It’s no secret that he has absolutely zero patience for pretty much anything. Traveling is the worst! I’m really laid back and look at the whole travel experience (layover and snafus) as part of the adventure. We recently went on holiday for a week and I always cringe at the thought of taking a whole week with him. We flew with layovers and that meant waiting around. We did a few theme parks and that meant lots of people and long lines. I don’t know why he insists on doing these kinds of activities when it makes him miserable. In return he makes those in his company miserable.

So back to my point…. there we are on the plane trek home with a 4 hour layover. I’m just sitting there in the packed terminal killing time when out of no where he verbally attacks me. He thought I made a dig at him when I wasn’t even talking to him and he starts going off on me! Mind you, he had been trying to pick a fight all week and I just ignored him. Well I couldn’t ignore him this time. No apology for jumping all over me for nothing so I ignored him at first. He asked me a question and I didn’t answer. He asked what is wrong and I unleashed my fury on him. All he kept saying was that he wasn’t sorry and he wasn’t apologizing. Typical and predictable. He is never sorry and never takes responsibility for any of his actions no matter who he hurts.

Now we are on no speaking terms. He decides to start fighting with me through texting. I’m sorry but I’m not in high school! Not going there not engaging. But of course he starts to drag my family into it like he always does when we argue. You have a problem with me…. fine, but shut the fuck up about my family and leave them out of it.

One thing he text me was really stupid. He wrote “Tired of being apologetic”. How the hell can you be tired of something that you never are??!! Never is nor ever has been apologetic. Not even when his affair was found out. Just a lot of excuses but no real genuine or heartfelt apology. The only thing he was sorry for was getting caught.

So much for my last entry of everything being calm and bright. I feel like I’m back to square one. Thanx for ruining what could have and should have been a great vacation.



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