Shining Light on the Cockroaches

So there I am, embraced by my best friend just crying my eyes out. All four of her girls including my daughter standing there just looking at us perplexed. My daughter immediately says to me, “What has he done to you?”. She is well aware that her father can be a cruel prick sometimes and it wasn’t the first time he has made me cry but she had no idea the scope of the situation. I couldn’t tell her because I could not stop crying to get any words out. That is when she apparently called her dad to ask what was going on. He played it down (of course) by telling her, “Mum is mad at me for talking to an old girlfriend”.

I composed myself long enough to be able to take my daughter to her doctors appointment. On the ride there, my husband kept trying to call me on my cell but I just ignored his calls. My daughter finally picked up my phone and told him to stop calling me and that I was too upset to talk with him. After her appointment, I drove her home but I did not enter the house. My husband was at the front door and I just let my daughter out and drove away.

I went back to my friends house and made a few phone calls. I wanted to shine light on this affair and watch the cockroaches scatter. An affair thrives in secrecy. Bringing it to light I hoped would destroy it or at least cripple it. I called my mum to tell her what had just happened. With all that was going on with my Dad, she obviously was very upset. I also called my husband’s parents to inform them of their son’s affair. They were very supportive and his Dad was none too pleased with his son’s behavior. My last phone call was to his whore. She did not answer her phone but I calmly but firmly left her a voice mail that said, “I know of your affair with my husband. If you call or text him again, I will tell your husband everything”.

1 thought on “Shining Light on the Cockroaches

  1. JMO but i would not warn her. She will prime her husband not to believe you. Just tell him. Show proof. Widen the circle if you can to her family and workmates. Works a treat.


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