It’s Been Four Years

It’s been four years since I discovered my husbands infidelity. You would think that after four years, things would have calmed down by now. It has not!

For the haters… you can comment all you like that I’m a “bitter bitch who can’t let go”. Comments from people whom have never felt nor experienced this kind of betrayal I actually feel sorry for. I pray you never have to experience such trauma.

November of 2010 my life as I knew it had changed forever and not for the good. This is when I discovered my husbands betrayal. He was involved in an emotional affair with his ex-girlfriend. The last serious girlfriend before meeting me. It was a devastating blow and although no physical contact was evident, it did not decrease my pain upon discovery. That is what my blog is going to be about. It will be raw and it will be real! I have so much to say and so many stories to share. So what’s the point you may ask? The point is to be able to share, help and support those who find (found) themselves in similar situations.


5 thoughts on “It’s Been Four Years

  1. So sorry for what you’re going through, it’s been a little over 2 years for me, as for letting go, is that even possible? I accept that it happened, but how do you let go of something that has changed you & your life forever? My husbands’ started out as emotional, but became physical, so I know all too well how you feel! I hope your blog helps you, there is a great group of women on here & shatteredwife is one of the best, always there to help in whatever support she can offer! Good luck to you! XO Joan

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      • I don’t have a blog, but I have written a journal since this happened, I have enough for a book! LOL. It does help so much to read the blogs of all my “sisters,” that’s how I feel about Shattered & some others on here, I love & respect them! Hugs from Joan

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    • Yes! Do it! Blog! It’s therapeutic. I totally suck at writing but just being able to get it out there and sharing with others who unfortunately find themselves in the same pickle has been helpful.


  2. Oct. 2009 my D-day. I too must be a “bitter bitch who can’t let go” and guess what sweet cheek’s I so have the right to be so. Unless you have laid or walked in my shoes you can not begin to understand the grief, despair and more. Some us were so blessed and then now we are watching that blessing become a stage four cancer that had to be scraped and cut and chemo-ed and praying it can go into remission and attempt to live some kind of life. Is there ever normal much less life after? If so God loves you more than he does me. one broken heart to another~ Blynn


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